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Boosted's Rev, the new Boosted electric scooter

After some time honing its craft in the realm of electric skateboards, Boosted has welcomed a different kind of vehicle into its lineup. The Boosted Rev is the company's first foray into the world of folding electric scooters, and after a little of hands-on time ahead of today's launch, we think it might just tick a few boxes for those looking for a new way to get around town.

There's no shortage of folding electric scooters to emerge over the last few years. We've seen powerful solutions with optional seating, three-wheeled versions with clever folding mechanisms and even big names like BMW get in on the fun. For its part, Boosted hopes the powertrain technology it has spent the last seven years perfecting can propel it into new territory, helped along by some thoughtful vehicle design, of course.

There's nothing hugely revolutionary to be found in the design of the Boosted Rev, but that may just be the point. In making the move from electric skateboards to electric scooters, the company hopes to appeal to consumers looking for a comfortable and safe ride. And with wide ergonomic handlebars and a deck for your feet with plenty of space to shuffle, the Rev does provide a very friendly platform for those looking to learn the ropes.

With three hours of plug-in time, the Rev can cover 22 mi (35 km) on each charge and power up hills of a 25 percent incline. And driven by a dual-wheel drive for a combined 1,500 W of power, the speed tops out at 24 mph (39 km/h) with three different power modes to choose from. The handlebars fold downwards by way of a simple release latch and lock into the rear fender, and although at 46 lb (20 kg) you wouldn't call it light, it is a manageable load to lug up a staircase or into the office upon arrival.

Boosted gave us a sneak peek of the Rev in New York ahead of today's launch and also let us take it for a spin around a block, which was enough to gain a few early impressions. Rather than the twisting throttle design you might expect, Boosted has opted for the same grippy dial-like throttle wheel it uses for its skateboard controllers. CTO John Ulmen tells us this is a much-loved feature among Boosted's existing customers, so building it into the Rev was a logical step.

The Rev has plenty of give, and the acceleration off the mark definitely took us a bit to get used to with the most powerful mode engaged. Take two saw us taking things down a notch to begin in the lowest of the three power modes available, which resulted in a lot less of a jolting action and enough space to quickly find a groove.

There's a handy LED display in the center of the handlebars that shows battery levels and speed, plus it features a button in the center for powering it up and switching between modes. By the time we'd rounded a couple of corners, we had already returned to the high-power mode in search of a thrill or two, and the Rev doesn't disappoint in this regard. So while it's designed more as a transport solution than a vehicle for extreme sports, it is more than capable of adding a dash of adrenaline to a morning commute.

Boosted takes its stopping power seriously, and has fitted the Rev with no less than three types of brakes. Leading the charge is the electric braking system, which is engaged simply by rolling the throttle wheel back the opposite way.

These work well enough on their own and took barely any getting used to, but mechanical brakes are there as backups either through a traditional lever on the left handlebar or by pressing down on the rear fender with your back foot. The pair of pneumatic tires, meanwhile, are plenty thick, and we found them to be grippy and reliable despite the rainy conditions on our quick spin through the Big Apple.

Scooter-sharing services are on the rise in cities around the world, and Boosted CEO Jeff Russakow told us they have attracted some interest from companies in search of reliable vehicle providers. But for now at least, Boosted will be offering its first scooter to consumers only for a price of US$1,599, with shipping to kick off in this US summer.

Source: Boosted and New Atlas

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