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DJI new Osmo Action Cam

DJI has added a new member to its Osmo range, which began with a stabilized 4K hand-held back in 2015. We noted a bit of minor GoPro rivalry when we got the original Osmo in our mitts, and now a clearer shot across GoPro's bows has been fired with the release of the Osmo Action.

"DJI has always pushed the limits of technology, and the content creators who love our products made clear they wanted us to push the limits of their creative potential too," said DJI's Roger Luo. "Osmo Action is our cutting-edge answer to what the creative community demands: Exceptional image quality and stabilization in a unique and durable new form factor, with dual color screens and seamless software integration. For all types of creators who push their gear to the limits, Osmo Action sets the new standard."

The 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.3 inch (65 x 42 x 35 mm) Osmo Action features a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that's capable of snapping 12 megapixel stills or 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. Out front is a three-glass aspherical F2.8 lens with a 145-degree field of view for low distortion footage recording, while also reducing warping effects, and a 1.4-inch display for video selfies or vlogging ease.

Around back there's a second screen, this time a 2.25-inch touchscreen with a coating that repels water and fingerprints. Three dedicated buttons cater for power on, start recording and scrolling through captured videos and photos, and the actioncam can turn itself on and begin recording in less than 2 seconds with a single press of the shutter button.

As you'd expect for a modern actioncam, the Osmo Action is dust-, water- and shockproof, and can operate in sub-zero temperatures. DJI says that it's been tested to survive drops from up to 5 feet (1.5 m), can accompany users to a depth of 36 ft (11 m) below the waves – and with optional housing can dive down to almost 200 ft (60 m) – and will work at a chilly 14° F (-10° C).

The new Osmo is the first DJI hand-held to feature RockSteady electronic image stabilization technology for the promise of "smooth, stable, high quality video, even when recording 4K/60fps." And three stops of HDR (High Dynamic Range) are made available when 4K is recorded at 30 fps.

Its removable battery should be good for 93 minutes of RockSteady-enabled, 4K/30fps footage recording, but dropping the resolution to 1080p at 30 fps (without RockSteady) extends up time between charges to 135 minutes. Up to 240 fps slow motion recording is possible at 1080p too, the Osmo Action can also be set up to capture timelapse, and up to 120 second exposure times can be set for star-gazing projects.

The actioncam has two built-in microphones, which will allow video-makers to talk to the device using a Voice Control feature, and included 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 mean users can tap into more functionality via the Mimo app, including a live feed from the camera, in-app quick edits and story template application. Optional accessories include an extension rod, various mounts and a selection of filters.


The Osmo Action is available from today for US$349, the video below has more.


Source: DJI & New Atlas